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Apr 19, 2023

ZEISS Touit 1.8/32 Camera Lens for Fujifilm X-Mount Mirrorless Cameras Review

$499 | An amazing lens for Fujifilm X-Mount mirrorless cameras with impressive image quality, sharpness, and fast autofocus.

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ZEISS Touit 1.8/32 Camera Lens for Fujifilm X-Mount Mirrorless Cameras Review


If you're in the market for a high-quality camera lens for your Fujifilm X-Mount Mirrorless camera, the ZEISS Touit 1.8/32 is worth considering. This lens provides sharp, clear images, even in low light conditions. The compact design makes it easy to carry around while still offering great performance.


Amazon: 4.6 (57 ratings)
Best Buy: 5.0 (5 ratings)
B&H Photo: 4.9 (19 ratings)

Total Rating:

The ZEISS Touit 1.8/32 camera lens has an impressive total rating of 4.8 out of 5 (81 ratings).

Main Specs:

- Focal Length: 32mm
- Maximum Aperture: f/1.8
- Minimum Aperture: f/22
- Lens Mount: Fujifilm X-Mount
- Minimum Focus Distance: 0.3m (11.81 in)
- Weight: 210g (7.41 oz)
- Dimensions: 65 x 91mm (2.56 x 3.58 in)

Top Pros:

1. Sharp and Clear Images: The ZEISS Touit 1.8/32 offers sharp and clear images with great color reproduction, making it ideal for portrait and still life photography.
2. Compact and Lightweight: Weighing just 210g (7.41 oz), this lens is easy to carry around and makes for a great travel companion.
3. Excellent Low Light Performance: With its fast f/1.8 maximum aperture, this lens performs exceptionally well in low light conditions.

Top Cons:

1. Cost: With a price tag around $700, the ZEISS Touit 1.8/32 is not a budget-friendly option for many photographers.
2. Limited Focal Length: Some users may find the 32mm focal length limiting for certain types of photography.
3. No Built-in Image Stabilization: This lens does not have built-in image stabilization, which may be a downside for some.

Expert Reviews:

1. "The Zeiss Touit 32mm F1.8 is a great all-around fast prime lens that's particularly adept at capturing sharp, vivid shots with richly saturated colors."
2. DxOMark: "With its excellent sharpness, distortion control, and low chromatic aberration, the Touit 1.8/32 is a top-performing wide-aperture prime for mirrorless cameras."

Final Verdict:

Overall, the ZEISS Touit 1.8/32 camera lens is a wonderful choice for those who prioritize sharpness and clearness in their photographs. However, it may not be the best option for those on a tight budget or those who need a more versatile lens. If you're looking for a high-quality prime lens that performs well in low light conditions, the ZEISS Touit 1.8/32 is certainly worth considering for the Fujifilm X-Mount Mirrorless cameras.