Apr 19, 2023

GoPro Hero 7 Review

$399 | A versatile, waterproof action camera with excellent stabilization and voice control.

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GoPro Hero 7 Review


The GoPro Hero 7 is a versatile and durable action camera that offers impressive video quality and a range of features. This review will cover the product's ratings, main specs, top 5 pros and cons, expert reviews, final verdict, and alternatives.


Amazon - 4.5 stars (5,000 ratings)
Best Buy - 4.6 stars (800 ratings)
BH Photo - 4.6 stars (200 ratings)
Total Rating - 4.6 stars (6,000 ratings)

Main Specs:

- Dimensions: 62.3 x 44.9 x 33mm (2.45 x 1.77 x 1.3 inches)
- Weight: 116g (4.13oz)
- Sensor size and resolution: 1/2.3 inch, 12 megapixels
- Max video resolution: 4K 60fps
- ISO range: 100-6400
- Connectivity: Wi-Fi, Bluetooth
- Battery life: Up to 2 hours

Top 5 Pros:

1. Outstanding stabilization: The Hero 7 has HyperSmooth technology that eliminates shakiness and provides steady footage.
2. Waterproof design: The camera is waterproof up to 33 feet (10 meters) without housing, making it ideal for water sports and activities.
3. Live streaming: The Hero 7 allows users to live stream their footage to social media platforms such as Facebook and YouTube.
4. Voice control: The camera can be operated through voice commands, making it easy to capture footage without having to physically operate the camera.
5. Quality image and sound: The Hero 7 offers high-quality video and audio recording, even in low light conditions.

Top 5 Cons:

1. Battery life could be better: While the camera provides up to 2 hours of battery life, heavy usage may require additional batteries.
2. Expensive: The Hero 7's premium features come with a premium price tag, making it among the more expensive action cameras on the market.
3. No HDMI port: Without an HDMI port, users need to use a separate adapter to connect to a TV or other HDMI-enabled device.
4. Small display: The Hero 7's 2-inch display screen is on the smaller side, which may be difficult to navigate for users with larger hands.
5. No built-in grip: Unlike some other action cameras, the Hero 7 does not include a built-in grip or handle for additional stabilization.

Expert Reviews:

1. "The Hero 7 Black represents the company's most significant design overhaul in years." - CNET
2. "GoPro's Hero 7 Black offers the best overall video and audio experience of any action camera on the market." - TechRadar
3. "HyperSmooth stabilization is the best thing GoPro has done in years." - The Verge

Final Verdict:

If you're looking for a reliable and high-quality action camera for capturing your favorite activities, the GoPro Hero 7 is a great option. Its range of features, excellent video quality, and durable design make it worth the investment. However, if you're on a tight budget, there are more affordable options available.


1. DJI Osmo Action - $199. This camera offers similar features to the Hero 7 at a lower price point.
2. Sony RX0 II - $698. This camera offers high-quality video and photo capabilities in a compact design.
3. Insta360 One R - $299. This camera offers a unique modular design that allows users to swap between 360-degree and standard lenses.